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Working with the local community - AVIVA learn about Project Servator

Specialist officers from the City of London Police have joined security staff at local business AVIVA in a Project Servator deployment.

Project Servator is designed to deter and detect criminal and terrorist activity by interrupting those carrying out observations of people, places, vehicles and locations to glean information that might aid their plan for a hostile attack.

The project also increases the opportunity for interaction between officers, local businesses and the general public who can act as the eyes and ears for the police. 

CoLP officers and members of the Mounted Unit and Tactical Firearms Group (TFG) joined AVIVA security staff on a patrol, training them on how to spot suspicious behaviour and potential threats, and keep their local community safe.

AVIVA security Operations Manager, Wayne Taylor, said:

“The officers
were very engaging and the knowledge they passed on has definitely stepped up the confidence amongst our security team, along with their awareness.

“What was really good to see was the public engagement with our team after the City of London Police officers had moved on. It made us realise the long-lasting impact of these patrols and how worthwhile they really are.”

Police Sergeant, Matthew Timms, said: 

“One of the key components of keeping the City safe and secure is ensuring that the police work alongside the business sector in creating a hostile environment for crime and terrorism.

“It was great to work with AVIVA and we welcome all of their efforts in ensuring the safety of our community.

“We look forward to collaborating with them again in the near future and would encourage any other local businesses who are interested in getting involved in Project Servator to get in touch.”

You can contact the Community Policing team on 020 7601 2452 or at

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