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Two people sentenced for fraudulent motor insurance claims

  • Sajid Rasheed, 49, of St Martins Road, West Drayton is still at large and wanted after being found guilty on Friday, 28 July. He was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years imprisonment with a five year Company Directorship banning order.
  • Rasheed, the leader of the gang involved in staging car crashes, was charged with three counts of Conspiracy to Defraud, one count of Possession of a False Passport and two counts of Money Laundering.
  • Lutfullah Lutfullah, 32, of Faraday Road, Slough and was sentenced to three years imprisonment and a four and a half year driving disqualification on two counts of Conspiracy to Defraud.
  • A 33-year-old woman will appear at the Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday, 1 July charged with Benefit Fraud and Electoral Fraud.

Two men involved in staging and carrying out crash for cash collisions on innocent members of the public were sentenced for a total of 10-and-a-half years at The Inner London Crown Court on Friday. The sentencing follows a three year investigation by the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).

Bogus insurance claim companies

Rasheed and Lutfullah were involved in conducting collisions against innocent drivers and subsequently making fraudulent motor insurance claims.  Rasheed was the main organiser but conspired with others to ensure that the fraudulent claims would be successful.


Rasheed ran two fraudulent claims management companies; Britain Claim Services and Briton Rentals UK. Both companies referred personal injury claims and hire claims and vehicle damage claims to solicitors firms.  Rasheed with the help of Lutfullah, would plan road traffic collisions which he would then refer to solicitors’ firms to receive a fee.

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Lutfullah would then stage the accidents against members of the public and provide Rasheed with the insurance details which they could pass to solicitors’ firms to start a claim. Rasheed duped a doctor registered to the General Medical Council to validate the personal injury claims that he submitted.


Staged car crashes

The offending started on 26 February 2013 when an accident took place on the A316. Subsequent claims were made for four people in the car and were referred to SBM solicitors by Britain Claim Services, all four claimants submitted medical reports. The insurer disputed some of the claims and investigation was conducted which found that a number of the claims had been fabricated and the passengers who were claiming to be injured were not actually in the car at the time of the accident. 

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On 7 March 2013 Lutfullah staged an accident on Willow Tree Roundabout in Hayes. Lutfullah and the victim driver got out of their cars and exchanged details; the victim driver also took photographs of the damage. Claims were made for three claimants by Britain Claim Services and the case was referred to SBM Solicitors. SBM submitted the claim to the victim’s insurance company who conducted an investigation and questioned the claims as there was discrepancies with what had been claimed and the photographs that the victim had taken at the scene. When SBM tried to contact the claimants about the discrepancies they received no further contact and closed the file.

Another similar incident took place on 20 March 2013 when an accident was staged by Lutfullah on the Beaconsfield slip road of the M40. Both vehicles were written off and personal injury claims were made by the three apparent passengers in the vehicle being driven by Lutfullah. Medical reports were submitted by Britain Claim Services to SBM solicitors. When the claims were made against the victim’s insurance company, an internal investigation was launched and anomalies in the medical reports raised the insurers suspicions. SBM solicitors tried to contact the claimants for more details but were unable to contact them and therefore closed the case. The potential loss to insurers would have been over £43,000 had the claims been paid.

Insurance fraud police investigation


The case was referred to IFED for criminal investigation, a warrant was conducted at Rasheed’s home and business address on 4th June 2014 and a number of items were seized. Rasheed was later arrested on 17th September 2014.

A warrant was also executed at Lutfullah’s address on 27th June 2014 and further evidence was seized which proved his involvement in conducting the crash for cash collisions.

The investigation was supported by numerous government agencies, including the Ministry of Justice, Home Office, HMRC, Information Commissioner's Office and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The investigation was also supported by the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Prosecuting Barrister Katrina Charles said: “This was a long and intricate investigation followed by a long and factually complex trial. This result is a direct reflection of the combined effort of the City of London Police, the CPS and prosecution counsel (lead and junior).”

DC Haywood, who led the case for the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), said:

“This sentencing follows an in-depth investigation which has seen officers examine extensive amounts of evidence which uncovered numerous offences.

“We have worked closely with other government agencies, insurers and the solicitors and drivers who were targeted by Rasheed's fraudulent referrals. We would like to thank them for their co-operation in this case and helping us to bring the case to court.

“This group of criminals worked together with no consideration for the consequences of their actions. They placed financial gain above the safety and wellbeing of other motorists and pedestrians.  Not only could they have caused serious injury or worse to other road users, they could have caused financial harm to the insurance industry, driving up the cost of insurance premiums to innocent motorists.

 “Sajid Rasheed was sentenced today in his absence as he absconded whilst he was on trial and has failed to attend court. Rasheed is now wanted by the police and we urge anyone who knows of his whereabouts or has any information about him to contact us immediately by calling 101 or contacting Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."


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