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17 years in prison for man convicted of plotting to have his partner killed

  • David Harris convicted of 3 counts of soliciting murder
  • Harris tried to persuade 3 men to kill partner
  • Harris claimed to be writing a book

A man convicted of conspiring to murder his partner after approaching a string of candidates to carry out the act has been jailed for 17 years.
David John Harris, 68 (29/01/49), of Amberley, West Sussex, was jailed today (Friday, 14 July 2017) at the Old Bailey. He was previously convicted of three counts of solicitation to murder following a trial at the same court which concluded on 18 May 2017.
During the trial, which lasted 13 days, the court heard how Harris approached a series of people and attempted to encourage and persuade them to kill his partner Hazel Allinson.
Between February and March 2016, Harris solicited Christopher May, who he met through an intermediary, to commit the murder. This culminated in Harris thinking May was committing the act in Sussex on 28 February 2016 when in fact he did not do so and instead attempted to warn Allinson.
One text exchange uncovered by officers during the investigation showed the interaction between Harris and May on February 28 2016. Harris, having provided a location which Allinson would be at during the day, believed May was in the process of committing the act. Hours later, when she returned home unharmed, Harris text May, “She’s home – what happened?”
Harris then proceeded to solicit a second man, Duke Dean, between August and November 2016 to commit the murder. The pair met three times, including a drive from Wimbledon to Sussex where Harris pointed out regular locations Allinson attended where Dean could target the intended victim. Dean also did not go through with it and reported the matter to the City of London Police by attending Bishopsgate Police Station in the City on 8 November 2016.
A third and final attempt was made by Harris, who spoke to a third person whom he believed to be called “Chris” on 11 November 2016. This person was in fact an undercover police officer, and Harris was subsequently arrested the following day at a guest house in Balham.
Upon interview with police, Harris denied that he was conspiring to have Allinson killed, instead saying it was all research for a book he was planning to write. When questioned by officers he was unable to describe a plot in detail, other than to say it was to mirror his own life and current circumstances, and officers found no other evidence of such an endeavour.

Detective Chief Inspector Edelle Michaels of the City of London Police said:
“This was a serious and complex case which required the expertise of the City of London Police Major Crime Team.
“The jury has decided he was guilty of this offence, which involved significant planning and persistence in his part, and demonstrates what a ruthless man he is.
“The facts of the case have shown him to be a calculating, manipulative person, who was intent on causing serious harm to his victim by approaching not one but three different supposed ‘hitmen.’
“This has been a hugely difficult time for the victim, who has been significantly affected.
“Things could have been far worse if Harris has succeeded with his plan, and there was an element of good fortune that one of the men Harris approached informed the police, prompting our swift response to ensure the safety of Harris’ intended victim."


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