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City of London Police statement - David Harris trial verdict

Today (Thursday, 18 May 2017), David Harris, 68, of West Sussex, has been convicted of three counts of conspiracy to murder following a trial at the Old Bailey.

Detective Chief Inspector Edelle Michaels of  the City of London Police said:

“This was a serious and complex case which required the expertise of the City of London Police Major Crime Team.

“The jury has decided he was guilty of this offence, which involved significant planning and persistence in his part, and demonstrates what a ruthless man he was.

“The facts of the case have shown him to be a calculating, manipulative person, who was intent on causing serious harm to his victim by approaching not one but three different supposed ‘hitmen’.

“This has been a hugely difficult time for the victim, who has been significantly affected.

“Things could have been far worse if Harris has succeeded with his plan, and there was an element of good fortune that one of the men Harris approached informed the police, prompting our swift response to ensure the safety of Harris’ intended victim."

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