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You can pay the fine, but can you live with the consequences?

Driving at excessive speeds can have more than just a financial impact, ask yourself, is putting your foot down worth taking a life?

Because that’s the risk you take every time you go over the recommended speed limit.

In an area such as the Square Mile, where cyclists and pedestrians share the road with vehicles, the chances of causing serious injury is ever present.

Last year, the City of London Police issued 660 fixed penalty notices to drivers speeding throughout the City. On Tower Bridge alone 3844 notices of intended prosecution were issued to speeding drivers. In total, 5,627 notices of intended prosecution were issued to speeding drivers in the Square Mile in 2016.

During the first two months of this year, 101 fines have been handed out to drivers caught speeding in various locations across the City including London Wall and Farringdon Street.

The majority of roads in the Square Mile have a 20-mile-per-hour speed limit but 73 drivers have been caught driving between 10mph and 14mph over the limit.

That is why we are taking part in the TISPOL, Europe-wide enforcement campaign tackling excessive speed.

TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, is a Europe-wide organisation based in the UK and was established by traffic police forces with the intention of improving road safety and law enforcement on European roads. 

As part of this week of action, the City of London Police will be out on the streets of the Square Mile conducting speed checks and enforcing speed regulations.

The focus of the campaign is not solely driving at excessive speed however, but also reminding road users to drive to the conditions. The weather, poor visibility, pedestrian and cyclist activity are all factors that need to be considered when behind the wheel.

This operation follows on from the success of the second TISPOL speed campaign, held in August 2016, when 30,242 vehicles were detected breaking the speed limit across the UK.

Sergeant Richard Longden from the City of London Transport and Highways Operations Group, who is co-ordinating this week-long campaign, said: “Quite simply speeding can kill. Thankfully, in the Square Mile we have had no deaths or serious injuries due to speeding but the threat is always there.

“It can be tempting in City traffic to take advantage of clear roadway but our streets are full of hazards and you never know when the road conditions will change.

"We experience extremely high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists within the Square Mile; it is important that drivers remain alert to what is going on around them and drive to the conditions. One moment of inattentiveness can have live changing consequences.

“You may think that just going over the speed limit by a few miles is not a problem but speed limits are there for a reason.”

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