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More than £2,000 handed out in fines to drivers caught using their phones at the wheel

Twelve drivers were stopped by the City of London Police as part of a National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) week-long crackdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.

Beginning on March 1 and concluding on March 7, the week of enforcement coincided with new penalties for drivers caught using their phones.

The stricter penalties mean that if caught, you will now receive six points and a £200 fine if you hold and use your phone while driving – double the previous penalties.

During the week, our officers issued 11 fines and one court summons, meaning a total of £2,200 worth of fines and 66 penalty points were handed out to City drivers.

The majority of those stopped were men; traffic officers stopped 10 men and two women for suspected phone use. The youngest person stopped was 25-years-old while the oldest was 50. Of the 12 vehicles stopped, eight of these were vans, followed by three cars and one LGV.

Inspector Sarah Smallwood from the City of London Police said: “Any form of inattention while driving can seriously impact on the safety of both yourself and other road users. In the time it takes to send a text or answer a phone call, the road conditions can change dramatically and if your eyes are on your phone and not the road, your reaction time could be severely affected.

“Although the week of action may be over, the City of London Police will continue to strictly enforce all road legislation.”

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