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Statement from Commander Baxter following conclusion of inquest into deaths of terrorists who carried out London Bridge attack

Following the conclusion of the inquest at the Central Criminal Court on Tuesday 16 July 2019, City of London Police's Commander Baxter has reiterated the force's deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack, and their friends and family.

Speaking outside the court, she also thanked the three City of London Police firearms officers who bravely confronted the terrorists and brought their barbaric attack to an end.

City of London Police Commander Karen Baxter said:

“Throughout both these inquests our thoughts have been first and foremost with the victims of this appalling attack, and with their families and friends.  On behalf of every member of the City of London Police, I want to reiterate our deepest sympathy and condolences to those whose lives were changed forever on 3 June 2017.

“This inquest has heard that three firearms officers from the City of London Police were the first to confront the terrorists, arriving on the scene within ten minutes of the first 999 call.  On their arrival they stopped the threat within 10 seconds which undoubtedly saved the lives of others. During their testimony we heard how despite having stopped the attackers they still believed the potential presence of explosive devices created a further serious and immediate threat to members of the public, their colleagues and themselves. Their actions on that night spoke of a dedication – to the public and to their colleagues – and unflinching courage that is without question, remarkable.  They put themselves in the way of danger to protect and preserve life: a principle at the very core of policing.  As a force, the City of London Police is humbled and grateful for their selfless acts.

“The three police forces that serve London, the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and City of London Police, work seamlessly together.  This barbaric attack illustrates how policing across London knows no boundaries, and how officers from all forces have the courage and dedication necessary to defeat the hatred and fear that terrorists seek to sow in our community.”

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