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Jail for man who committed knife-point robbery at designer store

A man who carried out a knifepoint robbery at a designer store in the City of London has been jailed for more than three years.

Sahid Dumbuya, 26, of Sidmouth Mews, London (WC1), was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court after pleading guilty to robbery and fraud charges, as well as possession of a weapon.

The incident took place shortly after 5pm on 24 May 2018 when Dumbuya walked into the store in Royal Exchange (EC3) and browsed a number of items before taking a bag, scarf and a pair of sunglasses, worth a total of £1,700, to the till.

The bank card he used, which belonged to a woman whose card was stolen earlier in the year, was declined, at which point Dumbuya pulled a knife out of a carrier bag by his feet and brandished it at a cashier, before running out of the store. Officers were flagged down and pursued him, and Dumbuya was eventually stopped by a member of the public.

As he was arrested, Dumbuya was seen dropping the knife, and was found in possession of a stun gun, as well as the stolen bag and sunglasses. A search of his house uncovered another bank card belonging to the same woman, four mobile phones, and 11 wraps of white powder, which tests later proved to be cocaine.

Upon interview, Dumbuya told officers he carried out the robbery to repay a debt to an associate, stating he only intended to use the knife for intimidation, and the Taser was for self-defence purposes, and was not charged.

At court on 11 August 2018, Dumbuya was sentenced to 45 months in prison for robbery, 12 months for possession of a bladed article, nine months for possession of a prohibited weapon, eight months for possession of a Class A drug, and six months for fraud, with all sentences to run concurrently. In addition, he was recalled to prison for breaching the conditions of an extended period of licence he received in 2010 for unrelated offences.

Detective Constable Darren Reason from City of London Police CID said:

“This was a frightening ordeal for the member of staff at this store who was left understandably shaken by what took place.

“Dumbuya is now behind bars where he can reflect on his actions, and this case serves as a warning to those involved in this type of criminality that the City of London Police take robberies extremely serious and will do everything in our power to bring offenders before the courts.”

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