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Businesses attend cyber crime briefing as offences in the City increase by nearly one third

The City of London Police’s Cyber Crime Unit have held their first Cyber Griffin briefing after the initiative was launched in May this year.

The briefing session, on 29th June 2018, was attended by 40 people from numerous companies based in the Square Mile and comes at a time when cyber crime offences in the City have increased by 30% compared to this time last year.

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At the event specially-trained officers provided information on real-time cyber threats, the most prolific attacks happening now, and gave expert advice on how businesses could defend themselves.

Current police intelligence was shared with attendees and the topics of phishing, ransomware and insider threats were covered. Protection advice provided by the officers explained how companies and individuals could use encryption to protect themselves online.

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Sergeant Charlie Morrison, from the City of London Police’s Cyber Griffin delivery team said:

“Nearly 80% of all the reports of cyber crime we receive come from businesses. This is why we came up with the Cyber Griffin initiative which has three distinct aims.

“Firstly, it is important people of all levels and roles within a business are educated on cyber crime and the current threats. This is where our briefings come in.

“Secondly, companies need to be prepared and well-equipped to resist cyber attacks and protect themselves which is why, through Cyber Griffin, we deliver skilled incident response training.

“Finally, it is vital learnings, knowledge and experiences are shared. This is why we have created a Cyber Advisory Group made up of a collection of experts selected because together, they cover the major areas of cyber security, to share guidance, answer questions and meet with companies who want advice.”

Attendees of the briefing said:

“I really enjoyed the session, and as a non-technical person, found it just the right level of awareness.”

“It was a really well put together and very engaging presentation.”

“The briefing was very well delivered with clear messages and actions to take on board.”


“It would be great to train other staff.”

The next briefing is being held on 9 August 2018. For more information, including how to register your interest to attend, please visit our website

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