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City of London Police launches Cyber Mini Police pilot

  • Police launch a pilot cyber mini police programme with Sir John Cass school in the City of London
  • Children aged 8-10 will be taught about policing principles and cyber crime prevention
  • Lessons will involve learning about fraud and cyber crime.


The City of London Police is pleased to announce its Mini Police pilot scheme which was launched on Friday 8 June 2018 at Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School in the City of London.

The pilot scheme will be delivered by the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate and its Community Policing team. It will run for three weeks and will see 19 children, aged 8-10 years old from the primary school learn about how to protect themselves from cyber crime and how they can share this knowledge with friends and family.

The children will also learn what it means to be a police officer and the importance of working with the public to protect them from crime. One of the sessions will see City Police Officers, teachers and the Mini Police give out Action Fraud’s cyber crime prevention leaflets to members of the public in and around Liverpool Street Station. At the end of the pilot, they will visit the City of London Police Museum to gain an insight into the history of the City of London Police.

Temporary Commander Pete O’Doherty launched the pilot at the Sir John Cass’s school and issued the children with their uniform which has City of London Police branding. For each of the sessions, the children will wear their uniform to help them consider the role of the police and the importance of learning about cyber crime to not only help themselves, but others too.

Temporary Commander Pete O’Doherty said:

“The Mini Police project is an excellent opportunity for us to work with schools and teach children to protect themselves from cyber criminals.

“We have designed the programme so that the children receive age appropriate messages that allow them to feel that they have learnt about policing and cyber crime in a stimulating environment.

“We will welcome feedback on the pilot project and will then look to secure funding to take this programme into other schools, to help spread our prevention advice to help children learn from a young age how to avoid becoming a victim”.

Miss Parry, class teacher at Sir John Cass Foundation Primary School said:

“The Mini Police programme is excellent in terms of getting the children involved in the services at an early age. It gives them insight into the crimes that they should be aware of and although this training relates only to cyber crimes such a hacking, it also makes the children think about all aspects of online safety and how they can protect themselves”.

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