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Police Sgt Pete Lucas goes ‘Off the Cuff’– the City of London Police’s unique podcast look into modern policing and beyond

Welcome to Off the Cuff, the City of London Police podcast.

Here at the City of London Police, we have a history of trying new things, so we’ve recorded a series of interviews with officers and staff from across the force to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at a busy, modern police force.

EPISODE FOUR – Sgt Pete Lucas on why policing is like a family, like going out in your pyjamas, and various other metaphors..!

In our fourth episode, we hear from City of London Police Sgt Pete Lucas. Pete describes his work with the local communities of the Square Mile, the friendly family rivalry which abounds around his own dinner table, and the strong sense of social justice which brought him into this line of work.

Pete also reflects on what he’s learnt is his many years as an officer, and what he thinks is the key to better relationships between police forces and the communities they serve.  


Simply visit our iTunes podcast listing, available from the iTunes website or the ‘podcasts’ app on an iPhone.

Alternatively, download from the City of London Police website.


In Off the Cuff, we want to share stories of the men and women ‘behind the badge’, and to give you real insight on what makes police officers – and a police force – tick.

As well as officer interviews, this initial series of episodes will feature historical pieces, and offbeat stories which might usually go uncovered. Each of these stories will give you an intimate and honest glimpse at the real City of London Police – our values, our identity, and our people.

Previous episodes have featured Tracy Alexander, the City’s director of forensic services, about common misconceptions about forensics; recently retired Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Barnard, on the police response to terrorism in the City, and City of London Police Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM on the family ties that inspired him to join policing 35 years ago.

In the coming weeks, Off the Cuff will also feature a historical episode looking at the fascinating forgotten history of City of London Police officer C.H. Rolph – who was he, and why is there a hall named after him?


Amused? Confused? Whatever your feedback, we want to hear what you think of the City of London Police podcast. Email or tweet @CityPolice on Twitter with your thoughts, feedback, or other suggestions.

New episodes in this first season will be uploaded once a fortnight, and are written, hosted, edited and uploaded by the City of London Police corporate communications team, at no additional cost to the force.

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