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Man jailed for 18 months for actual bodily harm

A man was jailed for 18 months on Friday for actual bodily harm following an investigation by the City of London Police.

Hartao Pan, 29, of London, attacked the victim at his home on 2 April 2018.

Pan kicked the victim in the ribs and continued to kick her after she’d fallen to the floor. 

The victim then fled the flat and hid in a cupboard in the corridor outside the address. CCTV then showed Pan dragging her from the cupboard and back into the flat by her arms.

Pan continued to attack her and stabbed the bathroom door with a kitchen knife after she managed to flee and lock herself in the room.

The victim then managed to escape to the reception of the building and police were called.

Pan appeared at the City of London Magistrates Court on 3 April 2018 where he pleaded guilty of one count of actual bodily harm. Pan was sentenced on Friday (27 April 2018) at the Old Bailey.


Detective Constable Andrea Bakewell, from the City of London Police Public Protection Unit said,

“The City of London Police is dedicated to protecting from harm those that are vulnerable.

“Our message is clear and simple - no one should live in fear of another person, and we take our responsibility to address this distressing type of behaviour very seriously.

“We have the right processes and relationships in place to ensure we are supporting victims of domestic abuse – not just those who are currently at risk, but those who may come to be.”


The City of London Police has a range of services available for victims of domestic abuse, including the Vulnerable Victim Advocate which is a specialist service for men and women who live and work in the City of London experiencing domestic abuse, sexual violence and hate crime. See our website for more information on our services.

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