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Police working with local businesses to tackle burglars as new crime stats released

The City of London Police is advising all local premises to be savvier with their security to prevent themselves falling victim to burglary.

Simple but effective steps can reduce the chances of both opportunistic and more sophisticated burglaries as newly-released statistics highlight the hotspots in the City.

Police are encouraging multi-occupancy commercial buildings in particular as criminals will often target these premises where they can steal from numerous offices in quick succession with offenders likely to either force entry or trespass into the building.

Officers are asking premises in the City to identify areas vulnerable to forced entry and make them more secure, paying particular attention to windows and doors. They are also encouraging staff of commercial buildings to be wary of “tail-gaters” trying to gain access through staff-only doors and entrances, and to be confident of challenging anyone they do not recognise.

Detective Sergeant Jonathan Ball, of the City of London Police’s Burglary team, said:

“While the number of burglaries in the City is relatively low, premises still need to be on alert and regularly checking they have sufficient security measures in place.

“Commercial offices often contain a large number of high-value items such as laptops, TVs and phones meaning only one instance of burglary can cause a significant monetary loss to a business.

“While some of our crime prevention advice may seem obvious, it is essential businesses don’t become complacent. Things like regularly checking your CCTV cameras are functional and testing your security doors to check the magnets or locks haven’t worn can make a big difference.”

“As a force we are committed to tackling burglary and theft; catching and prosecuting those responsible. It is important to us we create good relationships with our local business community and work with them to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place.” 

Top tips

  • Take steps to ensure the outside of your building is not vulnerable to opportunistic thieves by making sure windows and doors are securely locked, you have CCTV cameras and a monitored alarm installed and there is sufficient lighting around the premises.

  • Try not to keep cash on the premises and consider moving high-value goods away from display windows overnight.

  • Help your staff keep their belongings safe while they work by:

    • Ensuring CCTV cameras cover any staff entrances and this is advertised with signage

    • Providing staff with secure lockers to store their personal items out of sight

    • Reminding your employees to be mindful of strangers tailgating them into staff-only area

For detailed crime prevention advice and downloadable deterrent materials, please visit


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